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Digital X-Rays


Digital X-Rays in Manchester, NH

Technology plays an essential role in the services we provide at Mann Family Dental, and one of the most valuable is digital dental x-rays.

When performing a routine visual exam, there’s a lot that Dr. Russell Mann can tell about the health of your smile. He looks for obvious problems like signs of decay on your teeth or inflamed gums that might indicate the presence of gum disease.

And while visual exams are essential, they’re limited by what we can see. However, many dental conditions start within the tooth or below the gums where we can't see them, and that is why digital x-rays are so valuable.

Types of Digital Imaging We Offer in the 03102 Area

All of our imaging is digital, but we have different types of equipment designed to perform various functions:

  • Diagnostic x-rays – The digital images we take when trying to diagnose a particular problem are invaluable because they provide far greater detail than traditional film x-rays ever did. They allow us to detect and treat decay and gum disease long before we might find them with a visual exam. Early detection and treatment is the key to ensuring your mouth is always as healthy as it should be.
  • Panoramic x-rays – Sometimes it’s most beneficial for us to see your entire mouth and jaw bone in a single x-ray. Just like a panoramic photo, this single image gives Dr. Mann a full view of your teeth, upper and lower jaws, and all supporting structures. Panoramic x-rays are extra-oral, which means they’re taken outside of the mouth, making them perfect for young children and adults with a strong gag reflex.
  • 3-D cone beam imaging – Some procedures like dental implant placement and root canals require a detailed, three-dimensional scan that shows your teeth, soft tissues, bone, sinuses, and nerve pathways in a single image.

Other Advantages of Digital X-Rays

Overall, digital x-rays expose you to about 80 percent less radiation than film x-rays, but that’s not the only advantage. The digital sensors we use to capture images are smooth and comfortable in your mouth. The resulting high-definition images make you part of the process because we can show you what’s happening with your oral health. When you understand the need for treatment, you are empowered to make confident and informed decisions.

We store your x-rays digitally so we can share them with specialists or your insurance company as needed, and since there’s no hazardous waste to dispose of, digital x-rays are better for our environment.

Your Safety Is Important to Us

Many patients today have understandable concerns about their exposure to radiation with dental x-rays. Since x-rays are essential, it’s up to us to help you understand how they affect you.

Background radiation is all around us in the atmosphere. Four routine bitewing x-rays that are taken as part of your preventive exams expose you to less than a day’s worth of background radiation. Even so, your safety is important to us, and we take every precaution during x-rays like having you wear a lead apron. If you ever have any concerns about exposure, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

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The team at Mann Family Dental would love the opportunity to show you how state-of-the-art technology and high-quality dentistry can help you and your family enjoy optimal oral health. Please call us to arrange an appointment for your next exam and cleaning!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dental x-rays safe?


Dental x-rays are an integral part of preventive dentistry and a necessary aspect of your dental treatment. Obtaining regular dental x-rays allows our treatment team to catch cavities and oral health problems before they become severe, painful, and expensive to fix.

Digital Dental X-rays

If you’re like many people, however, you may have reservations about the x-ray experience. While this is understandable, we’re here to assure you that modern digital dental x-rays are very safe.

When you visit us at Mann Family Dental, we rely on dental x-rays in Manchester to show us aspects of your smile that we can’t see with just the naked eye.

Because we use digital imaging with all of our patients—and because our treatment staff members are always surrounded by our x-ray equipment—it’s in our best interest to make sure our x-ray technology is extremely safe.

Dental x-rays involve a very low concentration of radiation, and dental imaging is some of the safest medical imaging you can receive. When we obtain your Manchester dental x-rays, our imaging machines expose you to less radiation than you typically encounter in the environment during an average day.

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We care about your safety and the safety of our employees. We will never put your health at risk or needlessly expose you to radiation. When you visit us for dental imaging in Manchester, we’ll also have you wear a lead apron to minimize the effects.

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