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Dental Extractions in Manchester, NH

All of your teeth work together in your mouth so you can eat, speak, and smile comfortably. For this reason, we want to keep your teeth healthy and intact for as long as possible. Unfortunately, despite everyone’s best efforts, a situation may arise where the safest and healthiest solution is to remove a tooth. If our dental office examines your smile and believes that extraction is necessary, we will help you make a confident, informed decision about your treatment.

At Mann Family Dental in Manchester, NH, our professional dental team wants you always to have a smile you can be proud of. We know how important a beautiful smile can be to your self-confidence, and we also understand the devastating effects that tooth loss can have. If you need a tooth extracted in the Manchester area, our caring dental office will be there every step of the way to answer your questions and provide the best possible treatment.

Trust an Experienced Team

Dental extractions can feel like a scary experience. Our teeth are valuable components of our mouths, and our smiles are designed to function with all of our teeth intact. Sometimes, however, the best thing we can do for our mouths is to have an injured tooth removed.

When all of your teeth are healthy, it is, of course, best to leave them alone in your mouth. When you have a tooth that has become severely infected, cracked, or otherwise damaged, however, it may need to be extracted. Tooth extractions are performed when a tooth is damaged beyond repair or when a compromised tooth is affecting the health of neighboring areas or teeth.

Because tooth extractions are not a routine part of everyone’s dental care, many people are very afraid of having an extraction performed. When you need to undergo a tooth extraction in Manchester, NH, it is important to have the support of a caring, talented, and experienced dental team on your side. Dental extractions should be as stress-free and as pain-free as possible, and a good dentist will always make their patients feel at-ease when they need a tooth extracted.

Dr. Russell Mann and his dental staff have decades of experience in helping our patients enjoy the best that dentistry has to offer. At Mann Family Dental, if we determine that extraction is in your best interest, we will answer all your questions and explain why the procedure is necessary and how it will benefit you.

We hope that you will turn to our Manchester, NH dentist if you find yourself needing a dental extraction. We always want you to have a comfortable experience, and our caring team is here for you with a gentle word and a hand to hold if you need one. If you need a little more help to relax, we can talk to you about our state-of-the-art sedation options.

We recognize that no one ever hopes to have a tooth extracted. It can be difficult to physically and emotionally accept that you need an extraction, but our goal is to help our dental patients understand how necessary extractions can actually benefit and help save their smiles in the long run. If you have questions for our Manchester, NH dentist or want to learn more about the tooth extraction process, please reach out to our dental team at (603) 625-9823 today.

When Extraction Is Necessary

Teeth that cannot be restored need to be removed to prevent painful conditions and protect your ongoing oral health. Some situations where Dr. Mann recommends extraction are:

  • Extensive tooth decay
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Tooth fractures below the gum line
  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Dental trauma or injury

We may also recommend removing teeth in preparation for dentures or orthodontics.


Extraction is not always the best option, which is why Dr. Mann will thoroughly examine your smile if you are having problems to help you determine what the best course of treatment may be. Damaged teeth can sometimes be treated with root canals, dental crowns, or dental bonding instead.

If you and your treatment team decide that you have one or more teeth that need to be extracted, our dental office will walk you through the procedure and also help you determine your best options for tooth replacement. When you are ready to speak with a member of our team at Mann Family Dental, please call or visit us to learn more.

We Offer Stress-Free Extractions

Facing an extraction can be stressful even when you understand why it’s necessary. For this reason, we offer many ways to ensure that your procedure is efficient and comfortable.

State-of-the-art technology – We use technology in every area of dentistry, and it’s especially helpful for planning procedures like extractions for efficient treatment and the best possible outcomes. To learn more about the dental technology we utilize, you can click here to visit our Technology web page.

  • Sedation dentistry – Today, we can eliminate your stress during extractions with sedation options like mild nitrous oxide that produces a relaxed state that lasts for the duration of the procedure. Oral sedation and intravenous (IV) sedation are options to consider if you need a deeper level than nitrous oxide provides. If you are overly-anxious about your upcoming tooth extraction in Manchester, NH, let a member of our dental team know. We can use sedation dentistry to make your experience more comfortable
  • Professional surgical suite – Not many general dentists offer an on-site surgical suite for procedures like implant placement and extractions. But at Mann Family Dental, we know you would rather have a team of familiar professionals taking care of all your family’s oral health needs, and with our surgical suite, we rarely need to refer patients out for treatment. To view photos of our state-of-the-art dental office in Manchester, NH, click here
  • Emergency extraction – It’s best if we can plan your procedure ahead of time, but we don’t always have that luxury. If necessary, we are available to perform emergency extractions to relieve your pain and protect your oral health. If you require an emergency dental extraction, please call our front dental office at (603) 625-9823
  • Comforting amenities – Everyone appreciates a little pampering, so we offer blankets, soundproof headphones, and your choice of music on Pandora to help you relax. If there are other simple amenities or comforts that could help make your extraction appointment more pleasant, please do not hesitate to ask a member of our dental team.

We promise to always do everything in our power to keep your dental extraction in Manchester, NH as stress-free as possible. Tooth extractions are sometimes necessary to protect your mouth, and we always have your overall dental health in mind when we tend to your smile. For outstanding dental care in the Manchester area, we invite you to visit Mann Family Dental and discover for yourself why our patients trust no one else with their dental needs.

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