Cosmetic Dentistry in Manchester, NH

Cosmetic Dental Care in Manchester, NH

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the aesthetics of your smile. Most people have something they don’t like about their smile; crooked or missing teeth, yellow stains, and chips are common complaints.

At Mann Family Dental, we want to take your smile to the next level. When you schedule a consultation, you’ll meet with one of our top cosmetic dentists in Manchester, NH, who will discuss what you want. They’ll work with you to come up with a treatment plan that satisfies everyone.

There is no one-size-fits-all cosmetic dentistry procedure. We use several treatment options depending on your natural teeth and oral health, ensuring that you maintain good oral hygiene while transforming your smile.

Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

The three main aspects of cosmetic dentistry include:

  • Restoring chipped or missing teeth
  • Teeth whitening
  • Realigning misaligned teeth

In most cases, we can offer you several different procedures. What you choose will depend on your comfort level and budget, and we’ll always work with you to provide the best treatment possible.

Porcelain Veneers in Manchester, NH

Porcelain veneers are thin shells that cover your existing teeth. Veneers are a great option to cover minor cosmetic issues.

The process is non-invasive and produces results immediately. Modern techniques ensure that your veneers match your existing teeth so that they won’t look out of place. Instead, you get a natural-looking smile that’s almost flawless.

Dental Crowns in Manchester, NH

Dental crowns are similar to veneers but address more severe issues. The dental crown sits over the tooth, restoring its appearance and function. At Mann Family Dental, we take digital impressions of your teeth, letting us create crowns that fit seamlessly and look completely natural.

Dental Bonding in Manchester, NH

Dental bonding uses a special material to restore your teeth to their original condition. The dental bonding compound is tooth-colored and flexible enough to fit into cracks. Our expert cosmetic dentist in Manchester, NH, will use this material to restore a worn or oddly shaped tooth, creating a seamless bond between the dental compound and your tooth. It’s a great alternative to dental crowns or veneers and produces excellent results.

Dental Implants in Manchester, NH

Losing a tooth can affect more than your smile—it can affect your ability to speak and eat and can distort the rest of your mouth as your existing teeth shift into the empty gap. While bridges and dentures are excellent alternatives, dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement.

During the procedure, we implant a titanium post directly into your jaw. When the jawbone heals, it makes a tight bond with the post that then acts as an artificial root for your new tooth. Implants feel exactly like natural teeth and will restore your quality of life as well as your smile. While time-consuming, many of our patients consider their dental implant to be a life-changing procedure.

Professional Teeth Whitening in Manchester, NH

Tooth discoloration is a natural process. However, you can accelerate the process by drinking tannin-containing drinks like coffee, tea, wine, as well as smoking. These compounds leave a residue on your teeth that is difficult to remove and causes discolored teeth.

There are plenty of teeth whitening products on the market. However, we recommend sticking to the professional products that we recommend, as they will do less damage to your enamel while giving you better results. We offer take-home procedures, as well as treatment options in our dental office.

Invisalign in Manchester, NH

Braces are the go-to option to restore teeth to their natural alignment. However, less invasive and less obvious alternatives are an excellent option for moderate cases. Invisalign is a treatment that uses transparent aligners to guide your teeth into position gently. Patients receive a new set of aligners every two weeks until the teeth reach their final position.

What makes Invisalign so appealing is that it’s almost invisible, and you can remove your aligners to brush and floss your teeth, as well as when eating. It’s an effective treatment with none of the downsides of traditional braces.

Schedule With Our Cosmetic Dentist in Manchester, NH

At Mann Family Dental, we want everyone to be proud of their smile. However, our service doesn’t end when the treatment ends. As part of our continuing education, we’ll provide you with care instructions to ensure lasting oral health.

Do you have a cosmetic issue you want to address? Call Mann Family Dental at 603-625-9823 to schedule an appointment today!

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