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In a nutshell - Dr. Mann "changed my life"

CEREC/Invisalign Patient Testimonial: Pedro

With Cerec technology, dental crowns and inlays can be completed during Invisalign treatment. The shape of the teeth can be duplicated in the final crown or onlay so that the patient’s aligners continues to fit precisely.

Johanna talks about her new smile!

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Listen to Linda talk about her new smile!

The best thing I’ve done for myself!

The day after surgery!

“Sedation dentistry reset my button!”

No pain wisdom teeth removal!

Vinny recommends Mann Family Dental!

Dentistry can be pleasant and comfortable!

About Mann Family Dental

Manchester, NH Dentist Dr. Russell Mann of Mann Family Dental talks about his dental practice and current patients give their testimonials.

Don talks about his experience with Dr. Mann

Don discusses his choice in replacing a failed bridge with a single tooth dental implant. He loves the fact that all of his treatment can now be done in one place with no need to see other “surgeons”. He also shares the importance of making a decision that gives him the best “bite” support due to his strong clenching and grinding habit.

Lester and Dr. Mann discuss his experience with the dental implants procedure

Lester talks about his experience with wearing dentures and the reason he chose to have upper and lower implant retained hybrid dentures. He discusses the cost and why he chose to restore his mouth this way. Full mouth implant retained Hybrid Dentures.

Mike and Dr. Mann Talk About a Dental Implant Procedure

Mike was out of town and bit into a BLT and broke off a front tooth at the gum. Mike was restored by removing the root, immediately placing a dental implant and securing a temporary crown to it. This is referred to as an immediate loaded dental implant.

Mary Jane's transition from Dentures to Dental Implants

Mary Jane lost her teeth when she was 18 years old. She had severe pain from her lower denture because she no longer had any gum ridge. She could not find a dentist that could help her. With the use of our Cone Beam 3D scanner, it was determined that she in fact had enough bone for 2 dental implants to secure her lower denture. Mary’s lower teeth were restored with 2 dental implants and a lower overdenture secured with Locator abutments. Great example of someone who had lost all hope but with the use of technology she was able to be helped.

Sedation Dentistry Patient Testimonial: Danny

Listen to Danny talk about his fear of the dentist from a previous dental experience. The fear many patients have often prevents them from getting the needed dental care and ultimately losing their teeth. After his initial oral sedation appointment he had no fear of coming back for subsequent appointments with sedation. After several successful appointments, he has lost his fear of dental work and keeps his appointments regularly.

Sarah's Testimonial for Mann Family Dental

Sarah talks about how her visits to Mann Family Dental are comfortable and how Dr. Mann and his team are calming and reassuring..

Rolonda Brown's Testimonial for Mann Family Dental

Rolonda talks about how she got her smile back at Mann Family Dental.

Dental Implants Patient Testimonial: Pete

Pete lost his lower front teeth as a young adult due to trauma and had worn a lower partial for many years. His lower partial caused the remaining teeth to eventually be lost due to wear and gum disease. He just wanted to be able to eat again. Pete was restored with removal of his remaining teeth, placing 2 dental implants and fabricating a lower implant retained overdenture. Ultimately he wanted his teeth to be more secure and decided to add 2 additional implants. His case is a great example of how treatment can be phased out over time. His pain was nothing like he had imagined.

Dental Implants Patient Testimonial: Janine

Janine undergoes a smile transformation with her new dentures. She felt like her smile before the treatment was “atrocious”. She had always stayed away from the dentist out of fear. She felt like the pain from having her teeth removed was going to be tremendous but states that she hardly felt it. Her mouth was restored by removing all of her remaining teeth, placing 4 dental implants (2 on top and 2 on bottom), and fabricating an upper and lower implant supported overdenture using Locator attachments.

Patient Interview: Dental Implants

Linda talks about her lifelong struggle with a lower partial denture. She had been a denture wearer for over 40 years. She had difficulty chewing food and felt that it really affected her overall health. She was tired of wearing denture adhesive and felt like it was time for an upgrade. She was very grateful for how Dr. Mann and his team helped her through the intimidating transition. Properly fitted dentures can restore a patient’s smile.

Patient Interview about Dental Implants

Dick talks about his life long struggle with dental decay and how it affected his self-confidence. All of his remaining teeth were removed with moderate sedation and 4 dental implants on top and 4 implants on the bottom were placed. His dentures are removable but very securely snap onto the dental implants. With this treatment we were able to rid his mouth of the painful teeth and give him a new smile that is secure and comfortable. He is able to enjoy all of his favorite foods.

Patient Conversation: Sedation Dentistry

Deb talks about her experience in our office with sedation dentistry. She had a moderate level of dental anxiety. She needed two bridges done and wanted to complete the treatment in one sitting but was concerned with her ability to stay open for an extended period of time. Because oral sedation reduces your anxiety, it also relaxes all of your muscles. There is no tension in your jaw muscles so therefore long appointments are comfortable and more dentistry can be accomplished in one sitting.

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