Dental Services in Manchester, NH

Dental Health Service

When looking for a dentist in Manchester, New Hampshire, you need one who can offer the services you need. Some people focus on their oral health, while others want to improve their smile or address misalignments or missing teeth.

Mann Family Dental offers a comprehensive range of dental services in Manchester, New Hampshire, from general to cosmetic care. Our dental staff has plenty of experience handling a variety of procedures, so no matter what you need, you’re in good hands.

General Dentistry

General dentistry is the core of any good dental practice. It involves services like:

At Mann Family Dental, we aim to provide our patients with the best health outcomes. We strongly recommend regular oral exams and tooth cleanings since they can prevent more significant issues relating to poor oral health.

During our general consultations, we also aim to educate people about oral care. If you have any questions about tooth brushing or concerns about your oral health, don’t hesitate to ask.

Many people try to avoid dentist visits as they can be uncomfortable and intimidating. Our friendly staff does everything possible to set your mind at ease and ensure your comfort. We’ll work with you to find solutions and give you the best possible outcomes.

Oral health should start at a young age. We love working with children and try to make every visit as fun as possible. If your child looks forward to their visit, then we’ve done our job correctly. From learning how to brush and floss to preventative care, we aim to set up lifelong oral care habits that lead to stress-free dental care in the future.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Most people have one or two issues with their smiles. Maybe they feel that their teeth are too yellow, or they have misalignments or lost teeth. Cosmetic dentistry aims to correct these minor defects, taking your smile to the next level.

Cosmetic dentistry involves procedures like:

In many cases, we can offer you several solutions to address your concern. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each choice, ensuring that you make an informed decision. Cosmetic dentistry can take as little as an hour for tooth whitening or several months for more extensive procedures. No matter how complex your cosmetic procedure, we’re with you every step of the way.

 Multiple Comfort Options

Simply saying the word ‘root canal’ is enough to make most people wince. At Mann Family Dental, we believe that treating patients includes taking care of their comfort. Most people come to the dentist expecting pain, which makes the entire process uncomfortable and intimidating.

While the anticipation is often worse than the procedure, we can offer several methods to keep your visit as relaxing and comfortable as possible. All of our dentists are experts at delivering dental injections, and chances are you won’t feel a thing.

During your procedure, your dentist will constantly check in with you regarding your comfort level. If you’re terrified of the dentist due to previous bad experiences, we can offer stress-reducing sedation, such as anti-anxiety medication or nitrous oxide treatment, before your procedure.

At Mann Family Dental, even root canals are surprisingly pain-free while offering you relief from toothaches and further complications.

As with everything else, we work with our patients. Please don’t hesitate to voice your concerns about an upcoming procedure. We understand that dental services are terrifying, and there’s no need to suffer in silence.

Dental Emergencies

Accidents can happen at any time, which is why we leave openings in our schedules for emergency visits. If you have a dental emergency or are in severe pain, we’ll accommodate you on the same day that you call. Dental emergencies usually can’t wait, and the sooner we see you, the better.

As part of our emergency service, we’ll also identify the nature of your emergency when you call. Our experienced staff will give you tips on protecting the tooth and staying comfortable until you can make it into our dental practice.

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Working with a dentist you trust is essential for good oral care. Mann Family Dental dedicates itself to providing the best possible experience, no matter what dental services in Manchester, New Hampshire you need. Find out why we’re the top dental office in Manchester, New Hampshire, and call us at 603-625-9823 today!