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Dental implants can be an excellent option for people who need to replace missing teeth. You have many options for dental implants, and overdentures are one type of dental implant restoration that may work for some people in need of tooth replacement. Implant-supported overdentures can be done with the help of Dr. Russell Mann. Dr. Mann is one of the best dentists in New Hampshire and has been helping Manchester patients improve their smiles for over 20 years. He has extensive experience in implant placement and fabricating overdentures.

What Are Implant Overdentures?

Implant-supported overdentures work by attaching artificial tooth replacements to implants that are inserted into the jawbone during surgery. The implant helps keep the bone health as it heals around them while providing a solid base for the replacement teeth. The procedure is highly effective in retaining bone structure and minimizing or eliminating pain associated with denture use. In addition, implant-supported dentures are more comfortable than traditional dentures because implant-supported dentures are held in place by the implant instead of glued to the gums like traditional dentures.

You may be an excellent candidate for overdentures if:

  • you are missing multiple teeth and have enough jawbone to support the implants
  • You need all of your teeth removed and replaced with dentures
  • you have relatively healthy gums and a strong motivation to take care of your oral health
  • You have poor-fitting dentures and struggle to chew your food properly

Overdentures may not be the best fit for you if:

  • you have extensive oral health issues that are unresolved
  • you constantly clench or grind your teeth
  • you are a heavy smoker

If you think you may be a good candidate for overdentures, you should speak with Dr. Mann who can further assess whether they may be a promising treatment option for you.

Implant-supported dentures vs. Conventional Dentures

While overdentures may look similar to conventional dentures from the outside, there are several differences. Traditional dentures use an acrylic base that is made to look like gums, and they are held in place either by suction or with an adhesive. On the other hand, overdentures are secured by attaching to dental implants that are attached to the patient’s jawbone. This makes overdentures more stable and sturdy than conventional dentures.

Conventional dentures have a fit that covers the roof of your mouth where you have taste buds, affecting the ability to taste food. Overdentures will often not cover the roof of the mouth, meaning they don’t obstruct taste buds. Since they are more stable, patients are also able to eat a wider variety of foods. No more avoiding apples and crunchy snacks!

Conventional dentures may seem more affordable upfront as the initial cost is usually lower than for overdentures. However, when you factor in the replacement cost of traditional dentures over time, overdentures may end up being cheaper in the long run. This is because they’re a more permanent option that won’t require replacement teeth as often as conventional dentures may.

Benefits of Dental Implant Overdentures

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth, and they’re highly durable. They can last for decades while only requiring little maintenance or repair. This dental implant technique provides long-term stability with few limitations from food getting caught underneath it. Here are some of the significant benefits of dental implant overdentures:

Keeps Your Jawbone Healthy

Overdentures can keep your jawbone strong and healthy by preventing bone loss. They work by pushing the force of your bite down through your jawbone, which signals your body to keep creating new bone, which helps prevent resorption of bone shrinkage.

You may have noticed that traditional dentures sometimes cause a person’s cheeks to look sunken and their face to look quite aged over time. Overdentures are a tooth replacement option that will leave your smile whole and intact.

Improved Diet & Digestion

Implant-supported dentures aid in digestion by improving one’s ability to chew food properly. Food should be chewed thoroughly to aid with digestion. If you have implant-supported dentures, your implants will help stabilize your jaw and gums so that you can chew more comfortably and effectively.

Since they offer stability, you’ll be able to eat a wider variety of foods that you may not have been able to eat otherwise. Adding healthy fruits, vegetables, and proteins to your diet will improve your overall health and digestion.

Improved Speech & Confidence

A strong bone structure and a complete set of new teeth can improve one’s speech by allowing the mouth and tongue to work correctly. The ability to speak clearly, along with a beautiful and complete smile, leaves many patients feeling confident and happy with their denture choice.

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