Modern Dentures in Manchester, New Hampshire

Make your smile whole again with natural-looking dentures in Manchester, New Hampshire! Many patients remain hesitant to accept dentures to solve their dental issues because they see them as old-fashioned. However, modern dentures employ the latest tools and technology to create a beautiful smile that patients can’t wait to show off.

With dentures designed by Mann Family Dental, you can regain the full function of your bite and enjoy a beautifully restored smile that mimics the appearance of your natural teeth.

What Are Dentures?

Decades ago, dentures represented a bulky, uncomfortable, and sometimes messy solution to tooth loss. Improper fits and outdated denture adhesive made wearing dentures a daily chore. However, as a modern tooth replacement option, full and partial dentures serve as a comfortable and undetectable dental care alternative.

Depending on the nature of patients’ dental issues, they’ll encounter a few different types of dentures from which they can choose. Around the world, millions of dental patients wear full dentures, partial dentures, and implant-supported dentures. In all cases, dentures serve as replacement teeth when individual dental implants prove unaffordable or impractical.

Types of Dentures

Finding the most suitable dentures in Manchester, New Hampshire, involves visiting our dental office for an examination. When thinking about dentures, most patients envision a set of complete dentures. However, many patients wear partial dentures to replace only a few teeth. Patients with sufficient jawbone mass and density can sometimes opt for implant-supported dentures.

Full Dentures

As the most commonly seen type of dentures on TV and in movies, full dentures in Manchester, New Hampshire, remain familiar to the vast majority of patients. For patients who have lost all of their teeth, a complete set of removable dentures restores their ability to eat and speak normally. Patients use denture adhesive to keep the prosthetics in place, and maintenance involves daily cleaning.

Partial Dentures

A large portion of the denture-wearing population only needs partial dentures. Partial dentures typically replace lost molars; however, dentures may include false premolars and even canines in some cases. Partial dentures fit around a patient’s existing teeth and use them as support. Like full dentures, patients can remove them at will. In general, patients with partial dentures only need to use adhesive if their dentures fit loosely and need repair.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Patients who have retained enough bone mass and density in their jaws may qualify for implant-supported dentures in Manchester, New Hampshire. Implant-supported dentures require minor surgery to place several metal implants into the patient’s jaw. Once healed, the specially designed dentures simply click-in to the implants, creating a firm, reliable hold.

Who Needs Dentures?

Most patients would express surprise if they knew how many people wear some form of dentures. Whether patients suffer tooth loss due to aging or a sports injury, they should schedule an appointment with the dentist to see if dentures will provide the right solution for them. Some of the most common causes of tooth loss that require dentures include:

  • Advancing age
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Work accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Drug use
  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

Benefits of Dentures

Patients would prefer not to hear that they need dentures. However, wearing dentures offers a wide range of benefits. Discover some of the benefits of wearing dentures below.

Restored Function

Dentures allow patients to do the things they love: eat, speak, and smile. With dentures, patients can eat most food items, speak more clearly, and smile with confidence.

Enhanced Smile

While some people may find an infant’s toothless smile endearing, the vast majority of adults would prefer full rows of bright, white teeth. Patients who wear dentures can still flash a beautiful smile without anyone ever knowing that they wear false teeth.

Preserved Bone Mass

Patients with healthy gum tissue and sufficient bone mass would do well to buy themselves a set of dentures as soon as possible. Neglecting missing teeth will lead to loss of bone mass in the jaw, altering the facial appearance. While eating, wearing dentures applies pressure to the jawbone, stimulating new bone growth.

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